Dear friends!


International creative center "MIRIS" is happy to welcome You!

The main focus of the center is the activities in the field of performing arts competitions, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, master classes. Our team is creative, talented, enthusiastic teachers-musicians, designers, choreographers, high quality work which for many years has proved that the fact that they serve is the main thing in their lives.

The desire to give a great experience to help in the professional development, make Your life bright, full and really believe in themselves are the main tasks of our center! We know very well what is Professionalism, Responsibility and we do what we promise!

Nothing is impossible!
From school to University!

  • Preparation for competitions
  • Preparation for concert performances
  • Preparation for tests and exams
  • Accurate careful selection of the program that is right for You at the moment
  • The solution to many psychological problems

You will be able to play and sing expressively and musically!

You will be able to sound beautifully and to learn to hear!

You will overcome all difficulties!

 We know very clearly explain HOW to do it!